Mindfulness is, of course, utterly zeitgeist at the moment. But living in North Devon is like living in 1957, but with wifi. Things are so non-alternative here, it’s positively freaky. So I’ve been looking for a mindfulness course locally and failing to find one – might have to fall back on a book and a CD, which is a shame.

What I have noticed, though, is that it is so utterly zeitgeist that wherever you look, there it is, waving cheekily, whisking out of sight…

Here is Marian Keyes, in Saved by Cake: 

Baking makes me concentrate on what’s right in front of my nose. I have to focus. On weighing the sugar. On sieving the flour.

That’s mindful, right? Living in the now? Concentrating on this moment, right here, right now?


2 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    I know the frustration of NOT living an area of alternative thinking. Although I’m in California, my particular region is not at all open to such ideas. In the beginning of my mindfulness journey, I really tried to be open to meeting up with someone randomly brought to me through the power of universal consciousness but it hasn’t happened. So I think the universe is telling me that it’s my journey. And yes, cooking can be a great mindful practice!

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