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Looking for the self help book

The other day my breast cancer buddy said to me “It’s really shit having cancer”. It is really shit having cancer. It is really shit being told you ┬áhave cancer. It is even more shit having to tell people you … Continue reading

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If we were having coffee, I would be telling you the things I learned about life from playing Candy Crush.

I deleted Candy Crush from my tablet a few weeks ago. It’s a life-sucker. I replaced it with the YOU app, which gives me something healthy, beautiful and life enhancing to do every day. That means I get my online … Continue reading

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The best way to stop weeds

Actually, I was in the vegetable patch. And what I said was “The best way to stop weeds is to plant stuff”. Himself was hoeing and I was hand weeding round the walking onions. The sky was blue blue blue, … Continue reading

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It is easy to forget to be grateful. I’m not even sure what we are grateful to – not to a God, because we are secular humanists, aren’t we? Maybe to other people. Maybe to the world. Maybe to blind … Continue reading

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If we were having coffee…

I’d be gasping for one, as usual. I’d start by talking about the weather. It’s glorious. Blue blue blue sky, with a few white clouds bubbling over the horizon. I won’t have a biscuit, no, thank you. I’m trying to … Continue reading

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the bike ride of doom

I hit a bit of a low spot just before Christmas. The lumps in my breast had grown, my medication was being changed, I was in a flurry of tests and reviews and assessments, and feeling very pessimistic. Then my … Continue reading

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