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The Hourglass – Liz Heron – review

  I liked this. For a start: Venice. Beautifully captured. What else? This is a very feminine take on the immortality problem. Even though it’s about a woman who has lived for 300 years, it’s not all as great as … Continue reading

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Embracing insomnia

That’s it. I’ve decided to stop worrying about my sleep. It’s not like it does any good. I’m not going to read any more books or articles about how lack of sleep is killing us. I’m not going to stress … Continue reading

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Our Kind of Cruelty – Araminta Hall

I have just gulped this book down. It’s excellently done. I am a mental health professional, and sometimes I don’t quite buy the psychology of characters in books, but I absolutely believed in Mike, his experiences, and his responses to … Continue reading

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