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My breasts

I have 4 breasts. I’ve lost 3 along the way, so that makes 7 in total – a strikingly magical number. My right breast is an amazing, hand-crafted piece of art, sculpted out of my own flesh. It is admired … Continue reading

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The best way to stop weeds

Actually, I was in the vegetable patch. And what I said was “The best way to stop weeds is to plant stuff”. Himself was hoeing and I was hand weeding round the walking onions. The sky was blue blue blue, … Continue reading

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If we were having coffee…

…I’d tell you that things are growing here. My daughter went off to the fair with her friends last night, popped over to say “‘Bye” to us, and then went back to them, and pizza and sleepover. It’s great, but … Continue reading

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Keeping it open

For me, the worst thing about this whole cancer secondaries has been the feeling that doors are closing for me; the feeling that life is shutting down. I have always loved new beginnings, new adventures. I’ve always loved having a … Continue reading

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