Sitting on Knapp

So, here I am. In my hospital gown, which keeps sliding off one shoulder. The sun is shining outside, but it’s cool in here. I’ve just been told I’ll be having the hot room post surgery – heart sink. For now, I should enjoy being cool, the sound of gulls outside, the low rumble of traffic. The bar of sunlight angled across the floor.

There were 6 of us here, with assorted hangers on. A nice woman next to me who has come down from Bideford by bus. She’s curled across 2 seats at the moment, mouse slippers on her feet & a blanket around her shoulders, like a refugee from a flood. There was a woman on the other side who I never saw. A woman directly opposite who was with her husband, & who struggled with the woman next to her, skinny, bleach blond cropped hair, showed us a picture of her cat (Stevie G). Her love of Liverpool carved into her skin.

It is 1 o’clock. I got here at 7.45. I’m not too hungry, & I’m not really bored. I’m tired, I’m not concentrating brilliantly. The gulls are going crazy out there. I guess it’s lunchtime & there are sandwiches to scavenge.


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