My daughter divides the whole universe into “geeky” and “not geeky”, in much the same way as the Daily Mail divides the world into “things that cause cancer” and “things that cure cancer”.

I stand accused of making her “geeky packed lunches”. A geeky packed lunch includes:

  • anything that smells funny (ie delicious)
  • home made cakes (except chocolate)
  • olives
  • fruit
  • vegetables

It is “really awkward” to have a geeky packed lunch – even if you are a geek. Which she is not. She is bright and beautiful and funny and creative, has really grasped the concept of the adolescent eye roll, and is developing a very witty sense of humour. And she is good at quizzes.

I am a bit floored by the concept of the geeky packed lunch. I have just made some red velvet cupcake swirls, which are chocolate with vanilla cheesecake swirled through them before you bake them. Chocolate = “not geeky”, but if anyone finds out about the cream cheese…well, that’ll be the end of the world.


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