A slightly disturbing sidebar comes up when I go into this blog to write something. It says “Related searches: Advanced Breast Cancer” and shows a picture of a surprisingly jolly looking lady hooked up to a machine and being proper poorly.

Let me be quite clear here: I am not poorly. I am cycling 40-50 miles a week, I’m holding down a demanding job and 2 pre-teenage children, I am wifing a husband who is doing 1 1/2 jobs because he is between partners, and I still manage to bake. I am not poorly. I am a goddess.

And another thing. Cancer Research posts keep popping up on my facebook page. God knows, I support them, but the posts are ALWAYS about people who have been “cured” of cancer thanks to scientific research. I’m probaby being a bit hypersensitive here, but am living a valid, positive life that has been prolonged by scientific research. I’m very grateful. We can’t all be cured, but we can all live meaningful lives.


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