Laughing in the face of danger

I did write that in a post.

I am worried that it gives the wrong impression of me. When I wrote “danger” I didn’t mean imminent, act-like-a-hero danger. I meant more…boredom. Anxiety. Fear. Waiting for results.

And, of course, I don’t always laugh. But there usually is a funny side. Or at least some bitter irony to the situation that I can curl my lip at.

I am not a hero. I do have quite a dark sense of humour, and some good friends who I can share it with. Thank goodness. It would be dreadful to have to be appropriate all the time.

I just had news on Facebook about my beautiful friend who went in for breast surgery on her malignancy today. 8 hours on the table, so I’m guessing she had an immediate reconstruction, which is extra fabulous, as it means she can’t be needing radiotherapy. Reasons to be cheerful.

I’m off now, to find a bit of danger to laugh in the face of.


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